Corona Virus Whatsapp Groups - Updates for Indian state | April 2020

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Viral diseases are fairly common, and in many cases they are not too threatening to human lives as in the case of common cold. However, over the years, we have observed terrifying cases of different viral infections such as zika virus, swine flu, ebola, rotavirus and so on across the world. Currently, we have another strain of virus, known as the corona virus, which has become one of the most dangerous virus because of its ability to spread fast and lead to highly critical cases, including death in some cases.

Corona Virus Whatsapp Groups - Updates for Indian state | April 2020

We want to provide whatsapp group links relevant to corona virus, so that you can all receive credible updates about the number of coronavirus cases, and take the necessary precautionary steps towards avoiding catching the virus and helping slow down the spread of it within India. It is essential, for all of us Indians, to be mindful of our actions and act like responsible citizens. Widespread cases in India can lead to a mass panic situation and can put a lot of stress of our already weak healthcare institutions. Existing healthcare institutions will not be able to accommodate our population. Therefore, it is even more important for common man in India to be responsible and take the right measures. Let us take a look at what all we can do in our own capacity.

Steps to prevent Corono Virus spread

Public health professionals say that the best way to slow down the spread of corona virus is through the practice of “social-distancing”. This means that we should avoid visiting crowded places and limit our movement as much as possible. If we stay home more often and become less mobile, then the virus has fewer opportunities to spread. To aid social-distancing, most state governments are also shutting down movie theatres, malls, restaurants and so on. This action is being taken to nudge our population towards extensive “social-distancing” that can help reduce fatality of the corona virus.

Apart from this, here are a few things you should take care of:

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. This should be done as frequently as possible. Do take note of the following:
    • Sing “Happy Birthday” twice to continue washing for 20 seconds.
    • Clean them with alcohol-based hand gel if wash-basin is not available frequently
    • Take time to wash your palm, back of the hand as well as each finger
  • Avoid handshakes. Go back to the proud Indian practice of folding your palms in "Namaste" for greeting people.
  • Stay away from large gatherings, as explained above
  • Do NOT touch your face with your hands
  • Clean and disinfect objects that are touched frequently. For example - mobile phones, laptops, mouse, earphones or headphones, wallets etc.
  • Avoid public transportation as much as possible.
  • Pause domestic travel by flights, trains or buses for the next few weeks
  • International travel should be a strict NO

Coronavirus updates - India

India was safe from the virus for a while, however, the number of cases tested positive for coronavirus has surpassed 100 and is on an exponential rise across the country. The government and corporates have increased efforts to fight the spread of this contagious disease by mandating “social-distancing” practices such as work from home for employees and shutting down of public places. Despite the efforts, two people, 76-year old male and 68-year old female have already passed away as a result of getting the corona viral infection. Chances of reaching critical stages post encountering the viral infection, is much higher in case of older people, above the age of 60. This is as a result of reduced immunity due to age. It is therefore important for all of us to be informed about the latest updates within India to take the necessary precautionary measures.

Coronavirus updates - Maharashtra

Maharashtra has the most number of reported cases, and stands at 31, as of today. Risk of viral infected spread is potentially higher since Mumbai and Pune are 2 of the concentrated cities in Maharashtra. Important for the residents of Maharashtra to carry around sanitizers and avoid personal contact with people as much as possible. For daily updates on the situation in Maharashtra, join the following group links.

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Coronavirus updates - Kerala

Kerala was the first state to report coronavirus cases in India, and stands at the count of 22 as of today. Some reported cases had recoveries as well. To get the latest news on Kerala coronavirus cases, check out the following group links.

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Other states

Telangana, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Goa and Himachal Pradesh along with Maharashtra and Karnatake, have shut down schools, colleges and other public places such as malls, PVRs and so on, which could become centres of viral infection transfer of such a contagious virus. To receive latest information of actions taken by state governments, join the following groups.

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Hope you people realize the criticality of the situation and start taking the correct steps towards slowing down spread of the deadly coronavirus. Let’s try to stay healthy by working towards building a stronger and supportive community than ever before. Be well all!

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