Latest IPL WhatsApp Group Link | October 2020

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IPL 2020 has begun and so has the excitement of all the avid cricket fans and supporters out there. Cricket has always had a large following in India and the Indian premier league (IPL) has established a phenomenal format that combines entertainment and sport. T20 has been established as an energy-filled match format that thousands of fans across the world enjoy. The icc t20 world cup is a reflection of fame gained by 20 20 format, and IPL has leveraged the same t20 format in the league. Topmost players from all the different countries are auctioned into teams representing different Indian cities to constitute the indian premier league.

Latest IPL WhatsApp Group Link | October 2020

The t20 format, love for cricket in India, and loyal fan-following has made IPL a huge success. So much so, that majority of the cricket fans, and in particular the ipl fans, enjoy partaking in betting activities. Sports betting has always been a huge industry since loyal fans, who understand the sport, are confident about their odds of winning. Estimating odds is a tricky thing, however, betting on things we know tend to make us feel overconfident. That’s what makes sports betting fun and causes a lot of people to search for online betting sites such as beet 365 and other betting groups. This is where whatsapp group links comes in handy as there are many relevant whatsapp groups suiting different purposes for cricket fans. So let’s check them out.

Among all the cricket whatsapp group links, ipl groups are by far the most popular. This is not only because of the annual occurrence of the event, but also because of the sheer fan base the sport entails in a country like India. IPL enjoys one of the greatest fan following any sports league can enjoy across the world. It is therefore no surprise that ipl whatsapp groups are available for the fans and supporters everywhere.


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🏏Favorite KKR:    Join Now

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IPL Whatsapp Groups    Join Now

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Fantasy premier league groups on Whatsapp

Fantasy leagues have gained popularity in the recent years. Apps such as dream11, mobile premier league, winzo and Mega among others are doing very well in the Indian fantasy gaming ecosystem. In fact, India is among the top 5 gaming markets globally. Ipl dream 11 app is now growing fast amongst Indian cricket fans, who get to pick their top 11 dream team players to create a fantasy team and challenge friends to see whose team wins. Due to the rising fame of ipl fantasy league, a lot of people are actively seeking information on fantasy cricket tips and are interested in knowing how to play dream11. To help people gain easy access to such information, several dream11 whatsapp groups have come up. Here is a list of all the dream11 whatsapp group link. So check them out:

Fantasy Group     Join Now

Dream 11 Fantasy:     Join Now

Dream11 Group)    Join Now

Dream11(INDIAN BRAIN):     Join Now

A2Z Dream11    Join Now

The IPL auction and subsequent team formations are one of the exciting events for hardcore cricket lovers. Post the IPL auction, cricket fans can’t wait to get in on the action and discussions relating to players, schedule etc. It’s no surprise that many of you are interested in discussing about ipl 2020 players list, ipl 2020 time table, ipl point table, ipl winners list and so on. A lot of teams such as rcb, kkr and kings xi punjab, which have massive following, have created several whatsapp groups where fans can contribute and enjoy. Let’s talk about those groups as well.

IPL RCB whatsapp groups

Royal challengers as the Bangalore team is called has retained the most renowned Indian cricket players of all time - Virat Kohli. The craze for rcb team is beyong imaginable. Even Indians who don’t hail from Bangalore are supporters of the rcb team because of their love from players like Virat Kohli and AB de villiers. In fact, AB de villiers ipl career has been quite the record. To get constant information on rcb’s ipl point table etc., you can join the following whatsapp group links.

Virat – The Run Machine    Join Now

🏏RCB Official Fanzz GROUP:     Join Now

Virat Kohli    Join Now

🏏The Unstoppable Kohli 🏏:     Join Now

IPL Batting    Join Now

Kohli Freinds    Join Now

Virat – The captain of Indian    Join Now

🏏Virat Kohli 18(The Run Machine) 🏏🏆:    Join Now

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🏏KING VIRAT FANS ✌🏻✌🏻🇵🇰👈:    Join Now

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🏏Virat Kohli FC 😄😄😍:    Join Now

IPL KKR whatsapp groups

The city of Kolkata is known for its crazy cricket fan following since Sourav Ganguly’s reign in Indian cricket. There’s no surprise that KKR fans are actively seeking out whatsapp groups to discuss and have fun related to KKR IPL performance. Here’s where you can do that. Check it out below.

🏏KKR FAN CLUB:     Join Now

🏏Ami kkr dk fan club. .💖💖💖:     Join Now

Sourav Ganguly    Join Now

KKR fan club group    Join Now

Mumbai Indian players groups

Mumbaikars go above and beyond most other city residents in explicitly stating their love for the city of Mumbai. One can only imagine the level of excitement and enthusiasm that the fans are capable of displaying for the Mumbai Indians team then, especially, since it always had their beloved God of cricket - Sachin Tendulkar, as part of the team. The following whatsapp group links are for all the Mumbai Indian and Sachin Tendulkar fans out there.

Sachin Tendulkar Fans    Join Now

Sachin Tendulkar Fans    Join Now

CSK Whatsapp groups

The fan following for one of the greatest Indian captains, Mahendra Singh Dhoni or MSD as he is commonly referred as, can be considered one of the largest. This has resulted in large following for the CSK or Chennai Super Kings team, who have proved their mettle time and again by winning multiple IPL championshops over the years. For all the CSK and Dhoni fans, below are the relevant whatsapp group links.

🏏 CSK FANS🏏:    Join Now

Dhoni force    Join Now

Dhoni fans club🏏🏏🏏🏏🏏🏏    Join Now

Student group    Join Now

Die hard csk fan claub    Join Now

🏏CSK IPL 2019🦁💛:    Join Now

The unbeatable M.S Dhøñì    Join Now

Indian Premier League    Join Now

🌆Dhoni fans forever:     Join Now

🇮🇳🏏Dhoni Fans Army 🏏🇮🇳    Join Now

MS DHONI BIG FaNS🇮🇳    Join Now

MSDhoni😎-King Of Cricket    Join Now

Dhoni Fan    Join Now


Dhoni Fans    Join Now

MSD Fans😍😍😍    Join Now

Dil Se Indían CSK    Join Now

CSK ka WISTLE podu….    Join Now

CSK Fan Club 🔙    Join Now

Dhoni Fans    Join Now

🏏TH3 csk fans:    Join Now

M.S. Dhoni    Join Now

🏏🏏🏆🏏🏏 IPL 2018 🏏🏏🏆🏏🏏    Join Now

VIVO IPL 2018    Join Now

🏏⚾Ms dhoni fan🎾🏏💫    Join Now

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Chennai Super Kings    Join Now

🏏Csk is back👍🏻👍🏻:     Join Now

Hope we were able to help out all the cricket fans in finding the whatsapp group links of their favourite IPL teams, or mobile premier league teams. In case, you want to check out whatsapp groups in many other categories, you can visit WhatsApp Group Links India 2019 to obtain a list of all categories of whatsapp links available out there. Don’t forget to share your favourite groups amongst your friends so that you can all enjoy together. Feel free to have healthy interactions with other group members.

If you want to suggest any groups that we should add to this list, do share the group link in the comments section below and we’ll immediately add it to this list. Or you can submit a new whatsapp group here.

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