Latest **SHAYARI** WhatsApp Group Links | December 2020

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Whatsapp shayari groups are becoming famous like never before. Many connect to it emotionally while most try to unleash their inner poet and give their feelings a totally new dimension of expression. Saying romantic shayari and sad shayari has been a popular part of ancient Mughal culture which was heavily present in India and it’s influence is there even today. Whether at kebab parties , or drinks and dinner get togethers at homes , shayari always happens to be shared every now and then.

Latest **SHAYARI** WhatsApp Group Links | December 2020

Shayari is style, dialogue, expression and love quotient unmatched by any other language on the planet. Whether it’s a romantic lover praising the eyes of his beautiful partner, or an aged, experienced old man expressing his life journey and the pains and pleasures he has had to deal with. Shayari acts like magic.It hits people right where their emotions take a pleasant turn. It’s cathartic, expressive, all engaging ,all encompassing and moreover, it’s a kind of an art which only looks good when spoken or said by the people who are passionate about it. People love hearing, saying, sharing, and memorizing Shayari. It is because of all these reasons that shayari has become a crazy trend on whatsapp groups these days. The ones who aspire to become shayars or need a daily dose of love shayari in life, both create and join whatsapp shayari groups, to attract similar minded people with same interests for engagement as well as enjoyment. The play of words, tone, voice, pitch all packed in one gives the listener and reader the much needed punch for an emotional boost. Highly vivacious people are often spotted saying shayari in many places. Another reason behind the popularity of shayari is that it works well with women who loved to be adored and adorned with compliments through romantic shayari.

Words create worlds and shayari creates sharaabis. Drunkards of both kinds, the ones who are high on alcohol as well as those who are forever high on life. Shayari is known to have a positive impact on the mood levels of people and to be a major destresser or releaser of anxiety. It makes one bring out their thoughts into form and shape. Such a dose of freedom one rarely gets in this world given the dogmatic conventional logical life everyone is forced to live just to fit in to the matrix.

Many apps have been dedicated to this wonderful piece of art and both forgotten as well as remembered form of mesmerization and splendid melody. Make sure you are a shayari lover if you want a taste of a sweet life.

In this post, we have shared several shayari group links that are available on whatsapp for anyone to join. Popular and most appreciated topics such as romantic shayari, good morning shayari, sad shayari, dosti shayari, attitude shayari, dard bhari shayari, desh bhakti shayari, shayari for teachers, and maut shayari are all listed in the list of whatsapp group links mentioned below. All you need to do is click on “Join Now” button to be part of the community of like-minded individuals. To know more about joining, you should consider the following steps.

  • You will find several shayari group links below. Each of them will have a ‘Join now’ button next to it. You will need to click on the button of the chosen group. This will redirect you to the next page
  • If given an option of different applications, select Whatsapp as the option and move forward.
  • Next, click the join button for the relevant Whatsapp group when asked to do so. This will add you to the chosen shayari group.
  • That's it! You're all good to go now! Start sending and receiving lovely shayaris daily.

Rules to consider in whatsapp shayari groups

Request you to follow group rules and respect all members in so that the group admin does not remove you. Rules that you must follow are mentioned below

  • Share respectful shayaris only
  • No vulgar or adult content
  • Respect other group members. No personal conflicts.
  • No rumors and Fake News
  • Respect the group's purpose. No personal/business related discussions

Now that we’ve understood steps to join whatsapp group links and discussed the rules that needs to be followed in these groups, we can move on to the good stuff.

Below is the list of shayari group links you have been searching for. By joining one of these whatsapp groups, you will be able to send and receive awesome love shayaris every day and can even find a good community of like-minded individuals. So let’s take a look at the list.


 shayari group    Join Now

Andaz A Shayari    Join Now

😎Love jokes and shayari:     Join Now

Mehfil-E-Shayari    Join Now

Hindi Shayari & Jokes    Join Now

4G Shayari    Join Now

Mehfil-E-Shayari    Join Now


Heart Touching Shayari    Join Now

Lovely Shayari Group    Join Now

Dil Se Shayari    Join Now

Best Shayari INDIA    Join Now

Shayari for Boys & Girls    Join Now

Shayari Is My Life     Join Now

Hindi India Shayari    Join Now

Hope you guys found what you were looking for. In case you want to check out whatsapp groups in many other categories, you can visit WhatsApp Group Links India 2019 to obtain a list of all categories of whatsapp links available out there. Don’t forget to share your favourite groups amongst your friends so that you can all enjoy together. Feel free to have healthy interactions with other group members.

If you want to suggest any groups that we should add to this list, do share the group link in the comments section below and we’ll immediately add it to this list. Or you can submit a new whatsapp group here.

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