How to send stickers on WhatsApp Groups | December 2020

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Whatsapp stickers update is relatively new and has gained popularity amongst all users. If you're not sure about how to send stickers on whatsapp, we're here to help you out. Whatsapp stickers do really liven up personal as well as group chats and seem highly relevant to most conversations. No wonder so many people are fond of it and are actively looking to create whatsapp stickers and to share it with their friends and family. We're here to help you out with understanding how to create whatsapp stickers and how to send stickers on whatsapp so that you can share them whenever and wherever you want to. Let's go ahead and see how this can be done

How to send stickers on WhatsApp Groups | December 2020

There are now Whatsapp stickers available on the latest version update of whatsapp. It’s an exciting feature because it helps users communicate better using visual-aid rather than plain old text. Whatsapp sticker designs are also far more impactful than emojis and we also have the option of creating personal whatsapp stickers, especially for the favourite festivals such as diwali sticker, new years stickers for whatsapp, christmas stickers for whatsapp etc. Funny whatsapp stickers are the next best thing to memes, and have therefore gained significant popularity. Other popular categories are happy birthday sticker, malayalam stickers, emoji stickers such as good morning stickers, bollywood stickers and many more. Some of you are even interested in receiving tamil bad words stickers or adult whatsapp stickers. However, we hope to cater to the clean stuff. So let’s move further and add to the excitement of new Whatsapp sticker feature update by sharing list of active whatsapp groups where the best whatsapp stickers are circulated often.

Interested in creating personal sticker for whatsapp? We’ll help you with that too. But let’s look at how to send stickers on whatsapp first.

How to send stickers on whatsapp?

Before you begin sending stickers on whatsapp, you will need to know how to use whatsapp stickers on your phones. To know how to activate whatsapp stickers, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of whatsapp updated on your android or iPhone.
  2. Open any personal or group chat that you wish to send stickers to
  3. Next to the input field, tap on the emoji icon
  4. On the bottom, you will get 3 options, 1 for emoji, 1 for gifs, and 1 for stickers
  5. Select the last option, and click on the Add sign on the right, to add new stickers to your collection.
  6. In the stickers list that appears, click on the Download sign adjacent to the pack that you would like to save in your collection for regular use
      Make sure to check a green tick mark near the pack. This will appear once download is successfully completed
  7. Go back to find and select the sticker of your choice
  8. One thing to keep in mind is that once you tap on the sticker, it automatically sends the same to the personal or group chat that is open. So click on the sticker only if you certainly want to share it with your chosen audience
  9. Once you have used a particular sticker, whatsapp makes it easier for you to use it repetitively by displaying it on your Recent tab.
  10. You can also add your favorite whatsapp stickers to the Favorites tab by tapping on the sticker and clicking Add to Favorites option. Similarly, you can remove it from favorites when you choose to do so.

Since many of you are interested in creating custom whatsapp stickers, and since we have already told you how to send stickers on whatsapp, we would now like to discuss how you can create your personal whatsapp sticker by using whatsapp sticker maker or sticker designer tools.

Create personal sticker for WhatsApp

To create personal whatsapp sticker, the following criteria needs to be met with:

  • Each sticker must be an image with a transparent background
  • Stickers must comply with 512x512 pixels
  • Size must be less than 100 KB. In case the size of your sticker exceeds 100 KB, there are ways to reduce the file size.
  • An icon needs to be provided to represent the sticker pack in the overall list of packs. The icon needs to be 96x96 pixels and less than 50 KB in size

Now that we’re aware of the criteria that needs to be maintained, let’s take a look at how one should proceed with creating whatsapp stickers in an Android phone. Following are the steps that must be considered:

  1. Create an image with no background:
      1.1 To do this, first, you should have an image with the desired expressions ready for use.
      1.2 Next, you need to download any background eraser app from Google Play Store.
      1.3 Now, open the image that you want to convert into a sticker, erase the background and crop the image as per your preference
      1.4 Lastly, save the cropped image in PNG format
      1.5 You will need to repeat this step for 3 images, since WhatsApp does not allow to add a sticker pack with less than 3 images.
  2. Next, download another app called Personal stickers for WhatsApp from Google Play Store
      2.1 When you open the app, it will automatically detect the stickers you have created
      2.2 Tap on the Add button displayed beside the stickers and click on Add again if prompted via a pop-up
  3. You're all done! Now just open whatsApp and find your personal stickers under the sticker section. Tap on it to send it to your groups or personal chats of your choice.

In case you don’t wish to put in the effort to either create new stickers, or constantly download new sticker apps. There are several whatsapp groups links for stickers and/or other forwards that you can join and start receiving fresh content daily. Here’s the list of whatsapp groups that you can choose from

We know that a lot of you are interested in receiving tamil stickers for whatsapp, kannada stickers for whatsapp, telugu stickers for whatsapp malayalam stickers for whatsapp and so on. There are several whatsapp sticker groups created for this specific reason. We didn’t want you to miss out on any of these actively seeked out sticker groups. Therefore, we have listed all the whatsapp sticker group links below. You can select the ones you find interesting and join as many whatsapp group links as you like. So go on ahead and check out all the whatsapp group links.


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